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Vashti Hepburn

General Manager
Vashti Hepburn

Vashti Hepburn is the General Manager of Perfec-Tone and has been with the company since 2011. She has a background in Business Administration and Operations Management from Acadia University. With this knowledge, she played a vital role in creating the brand that Perfec-Tone is today. Vashti oversees operations and makes sure every aspect of the company is perfect. This includes managing inventory, customer service, and production. She does all of this, while pioneering the most dynamic quality control system in the industry. She helps work with the Spokesmodels and Marketing Team to help evolve the brand you see today. Vashti is a positive influence, obtaining and improving the high standards of Perfec-Tone with ease. Her passion in design and development help others realize their potential. In her spare time, Vashti creates music, writes novels, and makes jewelry.

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