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Here you will find some of the best tips to care for your skin, indulge in bliss, and reveal your intrinsic beauty.

Boosting Skin Results Using Services

Skin care isn’t one-dimensional, it is a continuous process that requires optimum wellness. This is where so many brands go wrong! Instead of discussing all that goes into skin wellness, most brands only push the power of their products. Truth is, reaching...

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Which Skin Care Set is Right for You?

Navigating the web of different skin care regimens can be exhausting! Today, we have the options from Natural DIYs to lavish skin treatments. Because of this, we’ve designed special sets of our products, aimed at achieving results unique to your skin type....

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Tips for Flawless Skin Using Perfec-Tone

In the initial phase, treating the skin can be so frustrating. At times you may feel that you're not receiving the results you expected. In this blog, we will be giving all tips to boost skin results while using Perfec-Tone products. Swipe left for tips on getting the...

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Introducing our New Maintenance Services

Who says big things didn’t come in smaller packages?  For our customers, with an eye for detail, we have created new maintenance services just for you. This month, we are launching our new Touch Up Facial and Mini Micro services! A seamless addition to...

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Prepare to Board, Jetsetter.

Ah, July. The month for girl trips, honeymoons and family vacations. Whether you’re travelling for an adventure or a peace of mind, it’s important to pack essentials in your travel bag. It is no news to us that flights (especially long durations) can take...

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Take Vitamins…for Your Skin!

Products? Check! Sleeping? Check! Working out? Check! But what about taking your vitamins? In the world of skincare, it seems the importance of vitamins is not talked about as much as they should be. When treating and maintaining your skin, vitamins are...

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The Dangers of Skin Bleaching

From Nadinola to Bio Clare, skin lightening products have become popular among many people from different regions and backgrounds. In India, dark skin is stigmatized with lower castes. In China, the darker you are, the more you are associated with being a...

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Embrace the Sun: Summer Hacks for Healthy Skin

It’s June – and in the Bahamas, our team is gearing up for hotter weather than ever before! Whether you live here or not, you must admit that ‘loving Summer’ gets difficult, especially when your skin is involved. We constantly read articles that tell us how bad the...

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Flawless Skin Guide: For Your Best 40’s

“40’s is the new 20’s!”, raves People Magazine. As time progresses, we continue to see women breaking social barriers and defying the status-quo of mainstream beauty standards. Thanks to modern technology, women are able to experience more freedom, and time, to do the...

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Magic in a Bottle: Perfec-Tone’s Sculpting Serum

Most of you are aware of our Sculpting Serum for its fast-acting, anti-aging properties. But did you know that it also relieves minor skin discomfort during Restoration System Phase 2? Yes, you read this correctly! The Sculpting Serum contains active ingredients, aloe...

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Introducing New Sets for a Flawless Spring

Hello, Gorgeous! Spring is almost here and we're so excited to introduce new product sets for spring! Our collections fly off the shelves, so we're adding even more sets to help you achieve flawless skin. Visit us online or instore to see which of our new...

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