Our 2020 Resolutions

Hello, Glowers! I want to say Happy New Year and to thank you all for your continued loyalty and support. Last year, we experienced an organic spike in online sales from a YouTube video that went viral. It was unexpected and non-sponsored. We immediately went out of stock and our production materials were maxed out of capacity. This is because our products are high-quality, rare elixirs; taking time to source and produce. Since then, we have expanded all areas of operation. Customers that awaited re-stock gave us glowing reviews and remarked that our elixirs were “worth the wait”.

There are lessons in every experience and our goals aim to reflect this. Here are Perfec-Tone’s 2020 Resolutions you can expect this year: 

  1. Increase the rate of production, so that we are never out of stock;
  2. Adding new locations;
  3. Moving to a larger warehouse;
  4. Faster shipping & delivery; and
  5. Convenient service through implementing round the clock customer service.

 Our team is excited about the possibilities and the implementation of our resolutions. I hope that you continue to trust this process.


Arron Pinder, CEO of Perfec-Tone