Perfec-Tone Welcomes Trinidad & Tobago to Perfec-Skin

Monday, August 24th, Perfec-Tone softly launched its first international location in Trinidad & Tobago. Located in the heart of Port-of-Spain, Perfec-Tone T&T provides professional products & services promised to restore and maintain healthy, glowing skin.


The Store

Opened in the Long Circular Mall, Perfec-Tone T&T will be stocked with its exclusive product line and sets, including the highly purchased Exfoliating Cleanser, Clarifying Gel, and Resurfacing Créme. These three formulas work together to effectively cleanse, purify, and smooth skin’s complexion. The complete Perfec-Tone line works to eliminate acne, remove scarring and dark marks, reduce pore size and signs of aging - for all skin types, genders, age, and shade ranges.

T&T customers will also experience skin treatments of a lifetime, as Perfec-Tone will also be providing professional skin treatments at an affordable rate. Some of their popular treatments are Perfec-Tone Facial, Microdermabrasion, Waxing, and Laser Hair Removal. The offerings at Perfec-Tone T&T were widely anticipated, and now customers are able to receive the complete skincare services for that perfec-skin.


Meet The Team

From left to right: Venessa Gordon (Skin Magician), Ariel Carlton (Skin Magician), Drucilla Modeste (Store Manager), Leanna Joseph (Glow Agent), and Candice Lyons (Glow Agent)

Perfec-Tone T&T currently consists of five staff members responsible for providing product knowledge, skin treatments, and skincare consultations:

  1. Happiness Guru: Trained skincare advisors. They are responsible for carrying out Consultations and in-depth skincare regimens.
  2. Skin Magicians: Profession aestheticians that will be providing skin treatments.
  3. Glow Agents: Greeting you at the front desk, Glow Agents ensure that the purchase of products, or the reservation of your treatments.


The Brand’s Story

The brand was first envisioned by pioneer and Trinidadian, Lila Pinder in 1980. After studying her nursing degree in London, Lila Pinder moved to Nassau, Bahamas where she settled with her husband and family. While working at Princess Margaret Hospital, Pinder noticed that a lot of her patients were suffering from acne, dark marks, hyperpigmentation, and textured skin.


This new need for an aesthetician on the island inspired Pinder to train as an aesthetician and create her own skincare products that would actively target skin concerns for people living in the Caribbean. After graduating from college, Lila’s son Arron Pinder took over the company as the CEO.

Perfec-Tone’s opening of its first international location comes full circle to the brand’s roots at its core, Lila Pinder. The vision of Lila Pinder, as a Trinidadian, to begin the expansion of her business in Port-of-Spain, further carries out her dream to be of service in the Caribbean - and eventually the world.


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