What is Perfec-Tone Refining Crème?

Effective Anti-Aging

We all want to slow down the hands of time when it comes to the health of our skin. In a previous post, we introduced Perfec-Tone Refining Crème as one of our most effective anti-aging products. As part of the finishing phase of our skincare regimen, it works to reverse the effects of stress, time and climate.

Nourish & Renew

As we get older, our skin loses elasticity and brilliance. Wrinkles form, and skin can become dull. Refining Crème was designed to help bring your skin back to its natural radiance. Best when used twice daily, Refining Crème is deeply nourishing and designed to hydrate and smooth. It is formulated with potent essential anti-aging ingredients. And Vitamin A and lemon oil work together to refine skin’s tone and texture.

Over time, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly softened. It addresses discoloration and under eye circles, evening skin tone so it can glow. Skin feels firm, smooth, supple, well-hydrated and appears brighter and more vibrant. After skin is clear and blemish free, continue using Refining Crème to ensure blemishes do not reappear. It also helps to prevent the growth of dead, dull skin so you’ll always have smooth, flawless, fresh skin!

At Perfec-Tone we want you to wake up every day with confidence, and love your skin. Come by our store or call (242) 603-SKIN and speak with our skincare specialist. We’ll help you customize a skincare routine to address any skin concerns you may have. Treat yourself to beautiful skin. With Perfec-Tone.