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Guide to Picking the Best Sun Protectant

Summer is two weeks away and we’re already feeling the warmth of the sun drawing near. We love the summer months for its vibrancy- and not to mention the bronze glow of our skin. While this is the perfect time for the outdoors, we must be mindful of protecting our skin from the sun. No matter your skin shade/type, failure to wear sun protection increases your risks of getting sun burn, dark spots, discoloration, signs of aging and skin cancer.

The best way to protect the skin is by wearing a sun protectant. Sun protectants (aka sunblocks or sunscreen) are topical solutions that reduces the skin’s exposure to harmful UVA/UVB rays. The sun not only causes skin damage, its heat also increases production in the sweat & oil glands causing acne breakouts. By wearing a sun protectant, you are also helping to fight against acne. The benefits of wearing sun protectant is why we have infused sunscreen into our best-selling Refining Créme and Resurfacing Créme. These powerful creams help to protect the skin while removing dark marks, blemishes and discoloration. At Perfec-Tone, we want to make sure that you’re soaking in the Vitamin D with safety, here’s a guide to picking the best sun protectant:

1) Sunblock vs Sunscreen?
The difference between sunblock and sunscreen is based on its protection form and ingredients. Sunscreen is a chemical protection. Most sunscreens contain avobenzone, oxybenzone, and para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) that absorb UV rays before they damage the skins’ layers. Sunblock is a physical protection. Containing zinc oxide or titanium oxide, sunblock sit on the skin to shield the surface against penetration by UV rays. You may find that some sun protectants are combined with both sunscreen and sunblock. However, for someone with sensitive skin or conditions such as acne, allergies or rosacea, it is suggested to protectants containing fragrances, oil, preservatives, oxybenzone and PABA.

2) Choose an SPF 30 or Greater
SPF stands for Sun Protectant Factor – a measurement that indicates how well a product protects against the sun. SPF ratings range from 5-100. The difference between SPF 5 to 100 is the length of protection time from UV rays. For example, SPF 5 requires reapplication every 15 minutes, whereas SPF 70-100 don’t have to be reapplied for hours. For the best protection, the Skin Cancer Foundation suggests that you wear an SPF of 30 or higher, which requires reapplication every 2 hours.

3) Look for ‘Broad Spectrum’ and ‘Water-Resistant’
On the labels, you will notice the terms ‘broad spectrum’ and ‘water resistant’. Broad spectrum means that the product can protect against UVA & UVB rays. Water resistant means that the protectant will work for 40 minutes while in water or if sweating.

4) Re-apply every 2 hours
It is suggested to apply your sun protectant every 2 hours. If you are swimming or exercising, reapplication is suggested after 40 minutes.

5) Expiration Date
If your sun protectant does not have a expiration date, your sun protectant is averaged to last for about 1-3 years. However, pay close attention to the color, smell and texture of the solution to determine whether it’s time to replace it.

6) Avoid Chemicals that Harm the Ocean
Recent studies have shown that certain chemicals in sun protectants are harmful to ocean. Although you may not swim on the beach, residues from your product can seep into your local waterways after taking a shower or bath. National Ocean Service found that these chemicals can affect to growth of fish, coral reefs, dolphins, and many other organisms our oceans rely on. To be an eco-friendly Glower, check the labels to avoid the following ingredients:

  • Oxybenzone
  • Benzophenone-1
  • Benzophenone-8
  • 4-Methylbenzylidene camphor
  • 3-Benzylidene camphor
  • nano-Titanium dioxide
  • nano-Zinc oxide


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