Our Process

Our Process

Perfec-Tone has crafted the art of beautiful looking skin through a process that delivers the best results.


Acne Removal

If acne is one of your skin conditions, we’ll address this first. Cleansing the pores and eliminating impurities will allow the rest of the process to work its magic. Acne and blackheads can go hand-in-hand. This is why we recommend the Perfec-Tone Facial and the Pore Less Set, or Phase One of the Restoration System as a great starting point. This combination of professional skin care products and services will eliminate impurities, clear acne and blackheads, and prepare the skin for the next step.

Proper cleansing habits are important to continue even after the acne disappears. Through the initial process you may notice drier, darker skin; this is normal as the impurities are released. Cystic acne or acne-prone skin may take several weeks to improve. While it may appear that your skin continues to have breakouts, continuing treatment will result in improvement. It is important to stick with it while the skin releases the impurities that have built up.

Use your cleansing products and follow the regimen until the process is complete.



We address your skin ailments and contour your skin.


Take care of your flawless skin and use our Perfec-Tone line.

Following the prescribed regimen will give you optimal results in less time. We trust that you will develop confidence in our tested process and become a raving fan of Perfec-Tone.

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