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Exfoliating Mitt

$19.99 USD

Turn your shower into a DIY exfoliating treatment with the Exfoliating Mitt. This loofa-like glove buffs away dirt and dead skin cells to unveil a softer, smoother you. Use it in the shower or bath to lather yourself in body wash or combine with Perfec-Tone Sal Soap for the ultimate exfoliating experience.

Philia from Freeport bought this item recently.

Treat your skin with the Exfoliating Mitt. Wear this glove in the shower or bath as you buff away dirt and dead cells to reveal baby soft skin and a more vibrant complexion. This mitt allows you to exfoliate while you cleanse and gives you complete control and adaptability for those hard-to-reach places. Not only will the mitt feel great on your skin, but it will also help you massage and cleanse to reduce stress and blemishes on the skin. The Exfoliating Mitt allows you to bring the spa to your own home and feel even better after every wash.

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Weight1.4 oz
Dimensions0.5 × 9 × 5 in

Just apply a small amount of your regular body wash to the glove or use in combination with Perfec-Tone’s Sal Soap. Use a circular, massaging motion as you wash to remove bacteria and pore-clogging dirt from the skin.

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