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Purifying Toner (Subscription)

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Clear & Control

Perfec-Tone Purifying Toner Acne Astringent, Hydrate Skin while Gently Cleansing and Unclogging Pores, 30ml (1.01 fl. oz.)

  1. Removes dirt and bacteria
  2. Eliminates white and blackheads
  3. Controls oil with the use of our Miracle Moisturizer
  4. Shrinks large pores

Shrink large pores and control oily skin with Perfec-Tone Purifying Toner. Formulated with the perfect combination of Coconut Oil, Lemon Oil, and Wheat Germ Oil, this formula helps fight acne-causing bacteria, and moisturizes to prevent excess oil from clogging the pores. Choose Purifying Toner for long-lasting results.

To avoid fraudulent activity, your subscription will remain locked for three months before you can cancel.


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Perfec-Tone Purifying Toner Acne Astringent, Hydrate Skin while Gently Cleansing and Unclogging Pores, 30ml (1.01 fl. oz.)

Perfec-Tone’s Purifying Toner uses natural antioxidants to remove dirt and bacteria, which eliminates blackheads, whiteheads and other blemishes. This powerful astringent also contains Lemon Fruit Oil and Coconut Oil, containing antibacterial properties that keep germs at bay. Wheat Germ Oil and Vitamin E help our Toner to balance skin moisture, reducing excess oil production on the skin. Combined, these ingredients ensure your skin remains clean, clear and healthy.

Purifying Toner provides blemish relief, controls oil on the skin and improves the look of pores. By cleaning away dirt, excess oil, and other acne-causing bacteria, skin looks and feels more radiant and pores can begin to shrink, which reduces the recurrence of breakouts. This fast-acting formula is enriched with antioxidants and moisture-controlling oils to provide effective, long-lasting relief to treat your skin problems.

For a natural, effective treatment for oily skin, use Purifying Toner with every wash. Follow cleansing with Perfec-Tone Miracle Moisturizer for added pH balance and natural moisture restoration.

Size: 30ml (1.01 fl. oz.)

All skin types.

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Once every month, Once every two months, Once every three months

1- Cleansing

Unclogs pores of the debris and excess oil that causes breakouts and blocks skin from absorbing the benefits of treatment products. Avoiding eye area, apply a quarter-sized amount of the Purifying Toner on freshly cleansed skin and allow to absorb before applying other products.

WARNING: Do not use with the Resurfacing Crème as it may cause burning and irritation.

Ethoxydiglycol, Alcohol Denature, Coconut Derivative Oil, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, Wheat Germ Oil, Lemon Fruit Oil, Menthol and Vitamin E.

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