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Body Restoration

55min | $199.99 (Large) or $149.99 (Small) Tax included

As our bodies change and mature, so does our skin. While aging is a beautiful process, it can sometimes come with acne, wrinkles, discoloration and other concerns. Perfec-Tone’s Restoration services are designed to renew the skin so that you live each year with confidence! Our services are specialized to also reduce scarring, dark spots, and dull or textured skin. Explore the wonders of our transformative Restoration services with Perfec-Tone.

full body skin restoration treatment

Skin restoration is not only for the face. Perfec-Tone offers restoration for customers that suffer from dark marks, acne, scars, textured skin, and blemishes on all areas of the body. These conditions can affect our arms, legs, back, chest, hands, and feet, making us feel self-conscious of our bodies. Feel flawless with our Body Restoration treatment so you can have clear, healthy complexion from head to toe.

55min | $199.99 Tax included