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Mole Removal

30min | Starting at $22.99 Tax included

We love seeing our clients leave with renewed confidence and glow after receiving skin treatment services. Perfec-Tone treatments are necessary for boosting your skin’s health, so you can experience more benefit from your skin care products. With our specialized treatments, you will notice faster improvements in the look and feel of your skin, so you can take on the world.

doctor performing mole removal on patient

Not all our customers love their moles. If moles have always made you feel self-conscious, let Perfec-Tone help. Our Mole Removal treatment is safe, fast and permanent. This minor procedure, with our licensed specialist, will free you from self-consciousness and expensive, ineffective skin treatments. Plus, we are always available to help match you with the best products to maintain your skin after treatment. We genuinely care about your skin’s health, and about you feeling confident in the skin you have.

30min | Starting at $22.99 Tax included