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Mini Micro

30min | $79.99 Tax included

We love seeing our clients leave with renewed confidence and glow after receiving skin treatment services. Perfec-Tone treatments are necessary for boosting your skin’s health, so you can experience more benefit from your skin care products. With our specialized treatments, you will notice faster improvements in the look and feel of your skin, so you can take on the world.

mini micro treatment

Microdermabrasion is the perfect all-encompassing rejuvenation and color-correcting treatment. However, some areas may need more attention than others. Perfec-Tone has crafted the finest Mini Micro treatment to give your skin the TLC it needs. Great for stubborn dark spots, blemishes and scars, our service is tailored to treat smaller areas, so you can get the most benefit from your skin care products. With our Mini Micro treatments, you will notice an evener skin tone and smoother complexion.

30min | $79.99 Tax included