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Tips for Flawless Skin Using Perfec-Tone

Getting The Perfec Effect

In the initial phase, treating the skin can be so frustrating. At times you may feel that you’re not receiving the results you expected. In this blog, we will be giving all tips to boost skin results while using Perfec-Tone products.

Getting The Perfec Effect

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#1: No Touching


Don’t touch, scratch, burst bumps, or pick your face; this causes more bacteria to enter the pores and create more breakouts.

#2: Avoid Abrasion

During treatment scrubbing and picking already peeling skin will cause more irritation and cause patchy looking skin.

#3: Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands thoroughly before applying products to your skin.

#4: No Makeup

Do not wear makeup; if necessary, wear very light makeup and make sure it’s non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores). Wear the Refining Crème or Resurfacing Crème as a moisturizing base and wash your face twice after removal.

#5: Waxing May Cause Rips

Whenever you’re using products that restore your skin, waxing may cause the skin to tear, leaving flat scabs. If this happens, use the Sculpting Serum and Refining Crème to remove it quickly.

#6: Wash Warm, Rinse Cool


Wash face and neck with Exfoliating Cleanser or Sulfur Soap with warm water. Rinse off skin in cool water. Warm water opens your pores to allow impurities to be rinsed out more thoroughly and cold water closes them back up.


#7: Use Separate Towels


Use a separate towel than what you use for your body and hands or a hand towel for drying your face.

#8: Change Pillow Case

Change pillow cases (sheets) at least once a week to prevent sleeping on dirt and bacteria build up.

#9: Beware of Mixing

Be aware that mixing Perfec-Tone products with other skincare products may cause irritation and rashes.

#10: Using Sculpting Serum

Use the Sculpting Serum before applying your Resurfacing Crème or Refining Crème during your first-time usage. This will prevent irritation.

#11: Relieving Irritation

If your skin is irritated and you have not taken precautionary measures, use the Miracle Moisturizer and Sculpting Serum on the affected area.

#12: Avoid Sun Exposure

When using the Resurfacing Crème, avoid long sun exposure. Although it has sunscreen for general protection, it’s not enough for long time frames.

#13: Avoid Oily, Sugar and Dairy Foods

Avoid eating dairy or fried, greasy foods as they trigger cystic acne and breakouts.

#14: Drinks Lots of Water

Drink plenty of water to continuously flush out your system to prevent internal build up that results in breakouts.

#15: Clean Headset Devices

Regularly clean phones and headset devices. Not cleaning your headsets can lead to a buildup of dirt and bacteria on your face and results in cheek and jaw acne. Usually heavier on the side you use your phone.

#16: Temporary Breakouts

When using the Resurfacing or Refining Crème, impurities from deep within will come to the surface, especially with cystic acne. This is temporary and needs to be removed through continuous cleansing or facials until all impurities are gone from within your skin. This results in longer lasting results.