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45min | $149.99 Tax included

We love seeing our clients leave with renewed confidence and glow after receiving skin treatment services. Perfec-Tone treatments are necessary for boosting your skin’s health, so you can experience more benefit from your skin care products. With our specialized treatments, you will notice faster improvements in the look and feel of your skin, so you can take on the world.

microdermabrasion treatment for dead skin and dark spot removal

Our Microdermabrasion is the ultimate treatment for maintaining velvety smooth, radiant skin. Using fine crystals, our treatment buffs away layers of dead skin to remove dark spots and scars, smoothen skin texture and create an even skin tone. Follow up your treatment with our signature cooling mask, to soothe redness and irritation; a must have for rosacea-prone or sensitive skin. Your first Microdermabrasion with us is guaranteed to leave you feeling rejuvenated with a soft and radiant complexion.

45min | $149.99 Tax included