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Perfec-Tone Facial

55min | $99.99 Tax included

We love seeing our clients leave with renewed confidence and glow after receiving skin treatment services. Perfec-Tone treatments are necessary for boosting your skin’s health, so you can experience more benefit from your skin care products. With our specialized treatments, you will notice faster improvements in the look and feel of your skin, so you can take on the world.

deep cleansing facial

Stay in control of your skin with our deep cleansing Perfec-Tone Facial. Our facial extracts all impurities hiding beneath the pores to treat recurring breakouts and prevent blemishes. Our process includes powerful foaming exfoliants, steam treatment and customized LED therapy to boost the look and feel of your skin. After treatment your blemishes and pores will be significantly reduced, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. If you’re struggling with a mild to severe case of acne, enlarged pores or ingrown hairs, let us make you the boss of your skin again, with our Perfec-Tone Facial.

55min | $99.99 Tax included