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Arron Pinder

Chief Executive Officer
Arron Pinder


Arron Pinder is the Chief Executive Officer for Perfec-Tone. He is one of two sons of the company’s founders, Allan and Liloutie (Lila) Pinder. After starting to work in the business in 2011, Arron has become a crucial force in the growth of Perfec-Tone. As the visionary, Arron steers the company toward globalization, ensuring that the channels to fuel the company’s success are efficient and robust. He is also developing and executing strategic growth plans for continued brand health.

Always having an aptitude for his studies, Arron completed high school one year early. While completing the International Baccalaureate advanced placement program in high school, he also studied Biochemistry at the University of the Bahamas. He then went on to study Economics with Business Administration at Acadia University. Both experiences provided the tools necessary to make a significant impact in the beauty and skincare industry. Arron is passionate about building a better future now, rather than waiting for later. He is developing himself and is a strong advocate for strategy and action. All to ensure that he can provide a sustainable future for both himself and the company.