Order Update

We know you want to know when our products are available again, as we have paused all postings since we’ve sold out of all products (we don't want to make you wait any longer (🫶🏾).

So, here’s our update:

  1. Our lab has released the Exfoliating cleanser, which is being transported to fulfillment centers and will be available by the end of the week.
  2. We have successfully removed a website bug that shows out-of-stock products as available/in stock.
  3. We expect to begin shipping out pre-orders next week, as our inventory is dispatched from our warehouse to the fulfillment center in batches.

We are sorry for not communicating enough lately. We noticed that messages were sometimes left unattended, and our service satisfaction declined. Our management and service team are changing for the better as we get our house in order and assure the highest form of care for you.

We understand that we have failed our release dates, and we are very sorry; unfortunately, promises made to our business internally were not fulfilled as expected, which had undesired consequences linked to our inventory. Due to this reason, we wanted to wait until we had a definite update on the release of the stock to avoid needing to move the release date any further.

High quality has come at a price, and that price has been all upfront for our business. We are happy to say that we are getting there! 💚

We appreciate your patience, loyalty, and dedication to our brand thus far and look forward to continuing to serve you better!