Our Best Cream for Melasma

Melasma is a skin concern that affects a lot of people, especially women. We understand how hard it is to find an effective treatment so we combined all of our research and experience to create the best cream for melasma.

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How to Find the Best Cream for Melasma?

An effective cream for melasma has to have active ingredients that will stop the overproduction of melanin in your skin and will gently restore it to it's natural color. We recommend looking for formulas that contain hydroquinone and sun protection to make sure that your skin doesn't get any additional damage from the sun.

What Defines the Best Cream for Melasma?

Most creams claim to be suitable for this concern, however, they can cause extra damage by bleaching the skin instead of curing it. The best cream for melasma should be gentle enough to not cause any unnatural discoloration on darker skin tones, but also powerful enough to break down the excess pigment.

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Why is a Cream for Melasma Better Than Laser?

Laser treatments can be very dangerous for people with darker skin because the machines really pick up on melanin. If you have a dark skin tone we recommend staying away from laser treatments as they can cause burns and severe sensitivity. Instead, look for a cream for melasma that is formulated specifically for this skin concern.

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Perfec-Tone Cream for Melasma

Our skincare line has melanin-rich skin types at the core of our formulations so we are experts at treating hyperpigmentation. We also offer live skin consultations with our glow agents as well as a Skin Quiz that can help you find the best cream for melasma that will fit your skincare needs and preferences.

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