Our Treatments for Melasma on Dark Skin

Most creams focus on lightening the discoloration but this can cause even more damage if you have melanin-rich skin. Perfec-Tone has unique solutions for treating melasma on dark skin.

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Ways to Treat Melasma on Dark Skin

The answer to this question depends on the nature of your condition. Whether it be pregnancy, hormonal shifts, or UV damage. Methods to treat each melasma type range from altering the diet and supplements to applying special creams to normalize melanin production.

What Causes Melasma on Dark Skin?

Melasma shows itself as localized hyperpigmentation around the eye and cheek area and can be caused by anything from UV damage to hormonal changes. Melasma on dark skin is very common because of the high melanin content in the dermis itself.

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What Perfec-Tone Products are Good for Melasma on Dark Skin?

Perfec-Tone was born in the Bahamas, so we understand the struggles of dealing with hyperpigmentation on melanin-rich skin. This is why we used all of our experience to develop a skincare line that is perfect for treating melasma on dark skin. All of our formulas appear clear on your skin and focus on keeping you beautiful and confident.

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Best ingredients to Treat Melasma on Dark Skin

The best way to treat melasma is to look for skincare that contains hydroquinone and arbutin. These ingredients perform best when used consistently over two to four months. We recommend combining them with a rich moisturizer and sunscreen to avoid irritation and sun damage.

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The One Cream For Melasma You Need

Dealing with melasma can be frustrating, but will do everything to find the best cream for melasma for your particular type so you can feel happy and confident in your skin. Look at Perfec-Tone as your skincare best friend and a support network that will help you every step of the way to the skin of your dreams.