How to Care for Melanin-Rich Skin 

“Melanin beauty” is a popular term in our world today. The term refers to people with darker skin tones and exquisite beauty. This dark skin is a result of the pigment melanin, produced by cells in our body called melanocytes. These cells are present in almost every living creature on Earth. The amount of melanin produced determines how dark or light your skin would appear. 
Having a melanin-rich skin is quite advantageous because melanin helps protect the skin from harmful sun rays that can cause skin damage. 
Ever heard the saying “black don’t crack?” A lot of dark-skinned people take pride in that saying and it’s mostly true but there’s a catch. The complete statement should actually be “Black don't crack when cared for right!” 
If you want your skin to glow and look radiant, forever ageless, then you must keep reading to find out all the right ways to take care of your melanin-rich skin. 

Caring for Melanin-Rich Skin

The following tips are important for taking care of melanin-rich skin — 
  • Proper cleansing 

You must keep your skin clean always. Taking a bath every day is paramount, but other than that, cleansing your skin is also very important. 
Cleansing your skin will aid in the removal of clogged pores by removing dirt and other unwanted particles from your skin. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser that won't clog your pores. Non-comedogenic cleansers are particularly effective. 
Also, natural cleansers, particularly ones containing aloe vera like Perfec-tone Exfoliating Cleanser, can soothe skin and aid in its healing. With clean hands, massage the cleanser into your skin, then rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel. 
  • Moisturizing 

Research suggests black skin tends to lose moisture faster than some lighter skin tones. This may leave the skin looking ashy and dry. Moisturizing is very important to avoid this. Apply a daily moisturizer with humectants like glycerin or hyaluronic acid to keep your skin looking fresh and supple. Humectants help the skin retain moisture. 
When choosing a moisturizer, go for one that contains as many natural ingredients as possible. To be safe, stay away from lotions with chemical names you don't recognize. Before purchasing, look for words like “non-comedogenic”, "aloe vera," "green tea extracts," "glycerin," or "hyaluronic acid" on the tube or bottle. Perfec-tone Miracle Moisturizer, for example, contains ingredients that help to trap moisture, keeping your skin soft and beautiful all day. Moisturize day and night to get the best results. 
  • SPF/Sunscreen 

Although the pigment melanin indeed protects your skin from UV rays, it doesn't rule out the need for sunscreen for black skin. All skin types need sunscreen, even melanin-rich skin. A lot of black people may disregard this but even though people with melanin-rich skin are less likely to develop cancer as a result of sun exposure, this condition is usually detected at an advanced stage in black people which is detrimental. So, you must apply sunscreen frequently.  

The American Academy of Dermatology Association, AAD, recommends using sunscreen with at least SPF30. A sun protection factor of 30 will block 75% of the sun’s UV rays and protect your skin from sun damage. 
Sunscreen is not just for sunny days, even when the clouds shadow the sun, apply sunscreen. Ensure exposed body parts, especially the face, gets proper attention. Apply a nickel-sized dollop of sunscreen on the face alone. Then apply an ounce (a handful) to cover the rest of your body.
  • Proper diet 

The importance of eating healthy for radiant skin cannot be overemphasized. The skin needs certain nutrients to form and repair itself. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats such as nuts and avocado, and lean protein sources like egg and fish, should be incorporated into your diet if you want your skin to pop. 
Processed food, alcohol, and sodas should always be at arm’s length or farther. Excess alcohol intake can cause a skin condition known as psoriasis. 
The goal is to have the most beautiful skin you can ever imagine, so eat healthy foods that can help you in this journey. 
  • Treat skin problems immediately if they appear 

As soon as you notice any spot or bumps or discoloration on your skin, you need to act fast and find the appropriate treatment. Acting fast will help contain the outbreak and the scars it leaves behind. 

Common Black Skin Problems and Recommended Treatment 

When it comes to melanin-rich skin problems, here are a few of the most common ones and how to treat them.


Melasma is a condition where the skin's melanocytes produce too much pigment (melanin), resulting in dark spots. People with dark skin have a higher risk of developing melasma than persons with lighter skin. To treat this condition, we recommend using the Perfec-tone Melasma set to get a perfectly even tone, glowing skin.


Acne was found to be the most common skin problem in black skin types. Darker skin types can develop Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) as a result of acne scarring, which commonly occurs where the skin has been traumatized. The damaged region becomes darker in color as it heals. To combat both the acne and the after-effects, your go-to product should be the Perfec-tone Acne set


Hyperpigmentation appears as a mark, patch, or area on the skin darker than the surrounding skin. It is most commonly referred to as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) in black skin types. This usually occurs after damage to the skin, such as bug bites, acne, burns, wounds, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, blisters, sores, or surgical cuts. 
The damaged region becomes darker in color as it heals. To treat hyperpigmentation, Perfec-tone has the best products to give you that radiant even-toned skin. 


There is a lot of damage that can be done to your skin if you don’t take good care of it. In most cases, most of the problems mentioned above can be avoided. Religiously following the tips on taking care of your melanin-rich skin as outlined in this article, will quickly place you in the “black don’t crack” zone. 
Stay consistent. 

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