Why Bleaching With Chemical Lighteners Can Be Dangerous

From Nadinola to Bio Clare, skin lightening products have become popular among many people from different regions and backgrounds. In India, dark skin is stigmatized with lower castes. In China, the darker you are, the more you are associated with being a poor labourer; having to work in the sun. In Africa and the Americas, slavery and colonialism have heavily influenced what is considered traditional beauty. European features – like lighter skin and eyes – is seen as more attractive and less attached to negative stereotypes surrounding dark-skinned people.

The uncomfortable truth is, our cultures and histories have outlined what beauty means to us. But just because they’re common does not mean that they are right. Today, people of darker complexions are making drastic, chemical changes simply to brighten their skin tone. As a result, the effects are more dire and gruesome anyone could imagine.

The Risks
  1. Slows the production of Melanin; natural skin pigments that absorb light and dispels absorbs 99.9% of UV radiation.
  2. Prevents natural skin healing: Bleaching (or lightening) products weaken skin barriers and slows down the natural healing process of the skin. This can leave to bacterial/fungal infections from open sores and bruises.
  3. Use of bleaching (lightening) cremes causes Ochronosis; a disorder that causes blue-black dark patches on certain areas of the skin.
  4. Uneven skin tone: Skin lightening products increase discolouration in areas such as the skin, lips and knuckles.
  5. Increased risk of developing Melanoma and other skin cancers.

There are some products like ours that make your skin lighter temporarily and is perceived as bleaching products. This lightening happens often, especially with people of darker complexions living in tropical climates. Our products remove dead and damaged skin which is usually tanned. Because of this tan, the new layers of skin appear brighter, naturally because the skin under the damaged skin is not tanned. This skin appears more to your natural colour, which resonates with your upper outer thigh. Your skin tans back to normal as you continue your daily activities.


To avoid these risks, carefully avoid products that include chemical lighteners. We understand that many subscribers have issues regarding dark spots, melasma and discolouration. That is why we advise safe alternatives to restore your skin such as the Refining Crème with sunscreen to even skin tone without bleaching, irritation or peeling.

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