Skincare Trends: Interview with Perfec-Tone CEO, Arron Pinder

Arron Pinder, CEO of Perfec-Tone, a Bahamian skincare brand with a rich history, discusses what it takes to run a successful family-owned business, trends in skincare and the future of Perfec-Tone.

Perfec-Tone began when Lila Pinder came to the Bahamas and saw that the people around her were uncomfortable in their skin but had no solutions to their skin concerns. I spoke with Lila’s son Arron, now the company’s CEO, about what it takes to rejuvenate an established skincare brand.

LM: Let’s start by giving me a snapshot of you and the company.

AP: I am Arron Pinder, CEO of Perfec-Tone and the son of Lila Pinder, our Director of Skin Services. Perfec-Tone is a family-operated business that provides global consumers access to professional skin care products & services. Being a family business, we focus on ensuring that our branding message is open, welcoming and personalized. We believe that our staff and clients are not just stakeholders, but family. This mentality is what drives us and differentiates us from everyone else.

LM: Tell me about the history of Perfec-Tone.

AP: This all started with my mother, Lila. She first studied nursing and skin care in England, where she met my dad, Allan Pinder, and together they moved to the Bahamas in the late seventies. She noticed that a large sector of Bahamian residents had skin care needs that weren’t being met. So, in 1980, she started her own skin care business, which was then called, “Lila’s Skin Care.”

After studying pre-medicine and business administration with economics, I joined my mother’s business to innovate the marketing, technology and operational aspects to ensure that the Perfec-Tone brand stood out amongst our local and global competitors.

LM: What is your favorite part of growing this brand?

AP:  For me, the best part of growing Perfec-Tone is the creative aspect. My team and I are always bouncing around ideas and strategies that can innovate all facets of the business. It is truly rewarding when you are able to watch your ideas being implemented and coming to life.

LM: What was the inspiration behind the aesthetic/branding?

AP: Minimalism. For us, great skincare is simple. While we provide professional services, we always want to make skin care instructions easy for our clients. By our branding, you can tell that Perfec-Tone is elegant, yet simple and fun. We do not try too hard to stand out or gain trendy attention, because as a business, we are secure in who we are and the quality of service we offer.

LM: What brands are you currently obsessed with?

AP: I’m currently following Coca-Cola and Apple’s branding. I love that their brands focus more on the feeling of their products instead of technical aspects such as ingredients or material.

LM: We’ve seen so many trends in beauty and skin care come and go. What is here to stay and what are ones that you’d avoid?

AP: This is so true! I would say gold and charcoal masks are the current fads in beauty. I feel as though the trend of moving away from animal-testing and toward more green beauty products is here to stay–especially when it relates to skin care.

LM: What is your take on the future of Perfec-Tone? New product lines? What’s next?

AP: We’re definitely planning, short-term, to expand our product line to provide body washes, treatment lotions and body acne mists. Our long-term vision is to also include “all products skin.” By that, I am referring to skin-friendly foundations, makeup brushes and perhaps lip treatments.

Perfec-Tone has been restoring skin for over 30 years. We can’t wait to see what’s to come over the next 30 years.

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