Who Needs the Perfec-Tone Restoration System?

Skin Concerns Eliminated by the Restoration System

Acne Breakouts

Acne is not unique to just teenagers. Adult acne breakouts can be more of a struggle to remedy and rectify than believed it is. Acne breakouts can happen for a variety of reasons: from not eating the right foods, to not enough hydration, or not properly cleansing. Either way, when you have an acne breakout, it can lower your confidence and minimize your well being. Constant and chronic acne breakouts can only mean one thing…you need a solution that works. The Perfec-Tone Restoration System can change not only the way you look but how you feel about yourself! The first phase in the Restoration System is the Preparation Phase, which cleanses the skin of all impurities, bacteria, oil, dirt, blackheads and whiteheads. This phase is the start of the renewal process of your skin and is the basis on which you can begin to control and eliminate acne as a skin concern.

Sun Damage / Dark Spots / Scarring

Acne and active breakouts can lead to the weakening of your skin barrier and lead to scarring, increased sensitivity, and dark spots. The same vulnerabilities arise with sun damage. Sun damage causes the development of darker spots potentially all over your body. The second phase of the Restoration System is the Revealing Phase, which removes dead and damaged skin cells caused from environmental exposure and scarring, allowing for new skin to develop and flourish.

Premature Aging / Rough Patches

There is no reason that you can’t have beautiful skin. Allow your skin to reach new heights and reach its full potential.

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