5 Simple Steps to Manifesting Flawless Skin

“Manifest”, what does it mean? It is simply the act of bringing something into existence. As self-care practices become more popular, we thought about the mental and physical ways you can manifest better, healthier skin. 

Step 1: Positive Thoughts 

Start by truly believing that it’s possible. By saying or visualizing yourself in a better state, it is a great start to building the perfec- skincare routine. 

Step 2: De-stressing 

Stress happens to the best of us. Instead of avoiding it, try meditation, morning mantras or a relaxing bath to prevent stress breakouts. 

Step 3: Healthy Diet & Exercise

It cannot be said enough. The combination of a healthy diet & exercise boosts the benefits of the body, including smoother skin. 

Step 4: Don’t Skip the Toner

Cleansing is great, but toning is vital for deep-cleansing and reducing pore size. Products like our Purifying Toner and Clarifying Gel seep beneath the layers to bring out a newer you.

Step 5: Swap the Razors 

Razors cause irritation to the skin, resulting in stubble, hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, and unsightly bumps. Aestheticians now offer various services, i.e. Laser Hair Removal to avoid the effects of razors and maintain silky skin, longer.

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