Skin Myths: Drinking More Water Clears the Skin

You’ve probably heard that drinking lots of water is really important. From celebrity tips to Facebook memes, people are after that natural glow – and we are here for it! 

Drinking water aids in the body’s hydration, blood circulation, digestion and flushing out of toxins – all impacting the look and texture of our skin. However, the path to clear skin is not so shallow. 

A common myth suggests that the daily intake of 8 glasses will lead to clear skin. While there are studies that have shown water improves skin’s quality, everyone’s body is unique and requires more or less hydration. For example, persons living in more tropical climates may need to increase their daily intake to prevent dehydration. Additional factors such as water quality, quantity and pH level, must also be considered. We will be discussing all of these factors, to provide you the best advice on getting the most value from water for your skin. 


While both tap and filtered water provide skin benefits, filtered water may prevent more toxins from being passed into the body. Toxins can lead to skin irritations, breakouts, and other negative skin effects. Although filtered water may be the safer route, clean tap water is no less beneficial and becomes a matter of your drinking preference. 

Quantity & Hydration

It is not definite that drinking exactly, or even more than, 8 glasses of water will have major improvements on the skin. On average, our bodies lose 2.5L of water, which almost half is made up of healthy food consumption. Acidic foods that are high in sodium, sugar and saturated fat tend to decrease the body’s hydration and negatively affect the skin. Hotter climates and exercise routines can also cause the body to lose more water through sweat. Factors like the ones states may require higher water intake. When the body does not have enough water, the skin produces more oil which causes blackheads, pimples, and signs of aging. 

What is important is to ensure that your body stays hydrated every day. Pay attention to headaches, stomach pains or dry lips, as these show signs of dehydration. Instead of drinking 3-4 glasses all at once, try taking small sips throughout the day. Also, be careful of drinking too much water as this action is as harmful as starving the body of water. 

pH Level

Consuming foods and drinks that are high in acids often leads to more skin breakouts and cystic acne. Sparkling water is no exception. The carbon-infused in sparkling water brings the beverage’s acid level to a 3-4. This does not aid in the skin’s hydration or skin quality. Instead of sparkling water, it’s suggested to drink water with a more alkaline pH, such as mountain or spring water.

Hydrating the Surface

The path to glowing skin requires both internal and external care. While drinking water is great, using products that nourish and moisturize your skin is just as vital. Make sure to moisturize the skin, after cleansing, to balance the skin and prevent overproduction of oils. The best moisturizers are lightweight, non-clogging and list Aqua (water) as their first ingredient. 

Water is one of the most valuable resources found on our planet. Its properties nourish and detox our bodies both inside and out. Drinking large amounts of water (2L plus) may not always be the best solution for your unique body/skin type. Instead, focus on consistent hydration, eating healthier meals, less acidic foods, and daily moisture. Drink water levels that feel comfortable for you, and prevent flooding your system with too much of a good thing.

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