7 Habits of People with Great Skin 

Do you find yourself ogling people with flawless skin and just wishing you could have that? Perhaps you’ve resigned to fate thinking you just can’t have great skin, probably because you think it’s something you’re either blessed with or not. 
Hold that thought, please.
Having flawless skin is not a dream, it is achievable. Although being blessed with good genes can play a role, there are certain things you can do that work. Even when you are blessed with great skin, you still have to maintain it to look great every day. 
The question now is, “How far are you willing to go to get that flawless skin you desire?” 
Now here’s the good news, you do not have to do so much and you most certainly do not need to break the bank either.
 Here are 7 daily habits to help you get that radiant, glowy skin you want. 
  • Use SPF 

There are many benefits of the Sun to us as humans. It lightens up our day and nourishes us with vitamin D. If we delve into plant science, there might be no agriculture without the sun. Despite all these benefits, sun exposure can cause damage to the skin. There’s the risk of getting sunburned, and skin cancer in worst-case scenarios. Due to the damage that can be caused by harmful sun rays, we need sun protection.
Wearing sunscreen must be cultivated as an everyday habit if you want to get radiant skin. The American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) recommends a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30. 
Our melanin can only offer some protection. SPF is recommended for everyone, regardless of skin type or color. 
  • Always Cleanse 
Ideally, you ought to cleanse your face at least twice a day; morning and night. Doing this can make a positive difference in your appearance. Many people tend to skip or rush through facial cleansing, which is the most fundamental stage of any skincare routine. 
A fast wipe with a face wipe or a short shower splash won't do the trick. If your skin is not thoroughly cleansed, dirt can build up on the surface, potentially causing breakouts, dehydration, and aging. 
You can maintain clear skin and improve the efficiency of other skin care products by cleansing frequently and properly. 
Ensure you use a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser. We highly recommend Perfec-tone exfoliating cleanser for clean skin and a soft glow. 
  • Moisturize 
Regardless of your skin type, moisturizing is a must for anyone that wants cool skin. It is super important to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed. 
The chances of developing extreme oiliness or dryness are minimized when you moisturize daily. Extreme oiliness or dryness can cause skin issues, therefore, moisturizing helps to reduce your chances of getting skin issues. 
Get moisturizers that are non-comedogenic and are rich in vitamins like the Miracle moisturizer. This will help improve firmness and fight skin damage. 
  • Use Serum 
Another skincare product that hydrates your skin is serum. Not only does it help in hydration, but it also helps to fight skin issues like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne, and dullness. Applying it to your skin every day also helps to prevent future damage to your skin. Serums provide deep nourishment to the skin and give it a natural glow. 
We recommend Perfec-Tone Revitalizing Serum to help transform and rejuvenate your skin. The Revitalizing Serum combines Apple Stem Cells, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera to help heal and restore your skin. 
  • Drink Water 
This should get your attention. 
The effectiveness of drinking water for healthy skin can not be overstressed. This is the most natural way to get that radiant and glowy skin we all want.
Drinking enough water can help maintain a good pH balance in your skin, tighten your skin to prevent sagging skin, flush toxins, reduce wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, prevents acne, and keep your skin hydrated.  
The summary is that drinking enough water can do amazing things for your skin. So, endeavor to drink enough water daily; between 5 and 8 glasses or more for adults. 
  • Eat Healthily
Your diet, the food you take in, has an effect on the appearance of your skin. Treating your skin health right, from the inside out is vital to get glowy skin. Sugars, alcohol, dairy, grains, legumes, additives, and baked goods should be avoided. These can increase your chances of getting acne. 
Instead, eat foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, healthy fat, and minerals like zinc and selenium. 
Keep in mind that healthy skin starts from inside. While skincare products can help, it will be much easier if you ate healthily. 
  • Exercise
Exercise improves blood circulation, and feeding oxygen and nutrients to the skin helps to keep it healthy. Exercising also enhances collagen production, promoting elasticity. It also helps in the formation of new cells giving your skin a healthy glow. 
Just remember to wash up after working out to prevent causing skin issues from dried perspiration. 


Right now, we can all agree that achieving that great skin you desire is a piece of cake. All you have to do is practice the habits given above religiously and enjoy the results.  
If you’re struggling with any skin issues, we have an array of effective products that can help you get youthful, glowing, and healthy skin with consistent use. Click here to start shopping.
 Cheers to a forever glow!

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