Aftercare for Mole Removal Treatment

Last month, in our blog What is Perfec-Tone Mole Removal Service, we introduced fast and permanent mole removal procedures that fall in many price ranges. If you’re constantly thinking about how to cover moles, perhaps Mole Removal service is right for you.

What are Moles?

Moles are small, often slightly raised blemishes on the skin made dark by a high concentration of melanin. They are usually black or brown in color and appear in almost any area in the body. Moles are generally harmless, though you should get moles checked that change shape or continue to grow. If moles have ever made you feel self-conscious, we offer removal services.

What Is Mole Removal?

Mole removal is a procedure that is performed to remove undesired moles and skin tags. Perfec-Tone does this using electrosurgery. The area is numbed using a topical anesthetic and the moles are then quickly zapped away. Once healing is expedited, the marks left behind are then removed after a couple of weeks using the Resurfacing Crème.

What is Needed for Mole Removal

Mole Assessment: If the customer has moles and/or skin tags and wants them removed, an assessment should be scheduled. You can learn what to expect for the process and pricing, depending on your consultation.

Mole Removal Kit: This kit is used after completing treatment and includes Clarifying Gel, Sulfur Soap, and Facial Buff to heal and cleanse the skin.

Follow Up: when following up after the healing process, it is suggested to use the Resurfacing Crème to remove any marks that have resulted in the mole removal.

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What Products Should be Used After Mole Removal
Sulfur Soap + Buff – For cleaning treated area
Resurfacing Crème – Once healing is complete to eliminate marks
Spot Treatment – Once healing is complete to eliminate five marks or less
Miracle Moisturizer – If irritation occurs
Sculpting Serum – If extra healing is necessary
Clarifying Gel – To keep area clean and clear of impurities and bacteria

Additional Tips for Mole Removal Aftercare
Always clean the area treated.
Moisturizing your skin as dry skin makes you more susceptible to scars.
Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.
Avoid direct sun, and use sunscreen.

Do it For You, Beautiful!
If moles have always made you feel self-conscious, let us help. Take control with Perfec-Tone, and every day will be a day you’ll feel beautiful and confident about your skin. Book an appointment today.

Get ready to see A Brand New You.