Benefits of Facials: Perfec-Tone Facials Keep You Feeling Gorgeous

Our last two blog posts introduced the benefits of our non-invasive microdermabrasion treatment and what products to use during aftercare. This week, we’re continuing the conversation on skincare treatments that keep you looking and feeling gorgeous.

Everyone loves a good facial (and if you’ve never enjoyed the relaxing experience of a facial, treat yourself soon! Your skin will thank us!), and Perfec-Tone offers two.

Our Perfec-Tone Facial is our full-service facial treatment. Our Refresher Facial is a mini-version of the Perfec-Tone Facial, and is great for clients who get regular facials. Following both, we advise our clients to use our Facial Enhancement Kit, which includes Clarifying Gel, Exfoliating Cleanser, and a Facial Buff.

When Should I Get a Facial?
Facials are great for anyone who is battling blemished skin – acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Facials can also treat razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Side benefits of facials include treating enlarged pores. Once pores are clear, they will begin to close. Facials also indirectly help oily skin and dark marks, which are sometimes fed by blackheads.

Benefits of Regular Facials

Improves mood and reduces stress
Treats acne and acne scars
Improves blood circulation
Slows the signs of aging skin
Tightens and firms skin
Treats razor bumps, ingrown hairs, enlarged pores, and oily skin
Improves skin’s ability to absorb Perfec-Tone products

Facials and Extractions

If you experience acne or blemishes, extractions is one of the most beneficial parts of a facial because a skin specialist can remove more blackheads and whiteheads, more safely. Because extractions clears the follicles, your skin can start to improve. Facials may be recommended every two weeks until your skin is clear. Extractions should only take place after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, and steamed. This softens the dead skin cells that are clogging your pores.

It is best to go to a skin specialist trained in extractions. Trying to extract them yourself can cause more inflammation and scarring, which can keep you from looking and feeling your best.

You can buy at-home tools for extractions, but they have major downsides. You can damage the skin if you attempt to perform extractions without knowing the proper technique or know how to prepare the skin.

Blackheads and Dark Spots

Blackheads are caused by dehydration, excess facial oil, overexfoliation, excess dead cells, or insufficient cleansing.

When a blackhead is extracted improperly, it can cause the pore to rupture. This releases the sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria deep within the dermis, (beneath the epidermis, or outer layer of skin). The eruption causes inflammation that can decrease collagen production, resulting in acne scars that are difficult to treat and reverse.

Inflamed areas should not be extracted, because infection might spread. People with thicker, oiler skin are usually less sensitive to effects of extractions, while people with thinner skin are usually more sensitive. Too much pressure can cause broken capillaries on people with sensitive, reddened skin. Too much pressure on people with dark skin can cause dark spots called hyperpigmentation.

These dark marks need more advanced treatment than facials offer. We recommend microdermabrasion to help exfoliate the skin’s top layers so the newer, unmarked skin below can reach the surface.

Are you ready to see the flawless skin you’ve always dreamed of? Give us a call, send us a message, or reserve an appointment today. It’s time to see A Brand New You.

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