How Millennials are Taking Control of their Skincare Routines

As the largest buying demographic in the beauty industry (including all health and beauty, skincare, and makeup), millennials know what they want. Not only are millennials the largest number of people buying beauty products, but they also buy the most frequently. So what are they buying?

In the era of the selfie, millennials are taking the reigns and delegating their buying power on making their skin glow: cleansers, moisturizers, spot treatments, and exfoliators. It’s all about prevention, rather than correction for millennial buyers. Sunscreen is flying off the shelves, and bookings for procedures such as restoration treatments, facials, and microdermabrasions are at an all-time high. Millennials seem to understand that it is easier to prevent wrinkles with early treatment than it is to reverse the signs of aging when they are older.

Millennials also care about value. Besides working with budget shoppers, a lower price point allows millennials to try many products and services, which really works with the trends of today’s fast and ever-changing marketplace. The younger generation, with their massive spending power, has a beauty-from-the-inside-out approach.

Perfec-Tone understands the millennial inclination for products that will help them achieve the skin they desire in a more immediate way. Our founder, Lila Pinder, took her European training in aesthetics and skin care and with the assistance of chemists and doctors from all over the world to formulate the unique line of Perfec-Tone products. If you’re ready to take the first step to naturally radiant skin, book a treatment with one of our skincare specialists today. See you soon, beautiful!

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