Moving Your Body is Beneficial for the Skin

Getting up to move our bodies brings so many benefits for our overall health, including skincare. Exercising ensures to boost our mood, reduce stress and lose weight. However, working out can also be linked to reduced skin inflammation, fewer wrinkles, slower signs of aging and a glowing complexion.

How It Works?

As you exercise, the body is increasing blood circulation throughout the skin. Blood circulation is beneficial for transporting oxygen and nutrients to working skin cells, and carrying away waste products and free radicals. By increasing blood circulation, you are helping the body flush out harmful toxins and encouraging healing. This increased activity and blood flow ensures slows signs of aging - through cell regeneration - and provides a more radiant complexion.

Common skin conditions such as acne and eczema can be triggered by high stress levels. These stress levels can cause a hormonal imbalance resulting in the overproduction of oils by the sebaceous glands. Exercise can help the body to reduce stress and regulate the body’s hormones to avoid skin flare ups.

A study assessed two groups of subjects that regularly exercised, and those that did not. The results of the study had showed that subjects who regularly exercised experienced some improvement regarding signs of skin aging. There are many different forms of exercise out there. Cardio is a great way to increase blood flow which is linked to many skin benefits. Regardless of which workout you choose, it’s important to keep the body moving.

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