Does Salt Water Clear the Skin?

There's no better time than now to escape the heat and splash into the nearest shoreline. The sea's meditating waves and mineral properties have always made it a source for peace and healing. Yet, does its healing properties extend far enough to treat the skin?

In April Bee's YouTube video, "My Emotional Acne Journey", she expresses the difference in her skin after regularly swimming in beach water. April says, "During that entire time, my skin was just clearing up so nicely and really really fast."

Although there is not enough scientific data to prove that seawater will cure acne, there is a connection between the sea's natural minerals and skincare. Sea salt is concentrated in sodium chloride and iodine, making it an antiseptic to kill off bacteria and balance pH. Along with its antibacterial properties, saltwater acts as a drying agent and helps to dry out pimples. Some seas, like Dead Sea, contain higher levels of magnesium which can add hydration to the skin. This improved moisture retention of skin helps to treat conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

However, saltwater's drying factor can also cause further problems if left on the skin for too long. The high concentration of sea salt can dry and irritate the skin - leading to excess oil production. This overproduction of oil can then seep into the skin, causing more breakouts to occur. It's also important to be selective of which saltwater you're going to swim in. Due to increased pollution, your skin may be exposed to substances that do more harm than good. It's always a best practice to research or do a site-check on where you want to swim before dipping in.

Overall, saltwater is an undeniable healing resource for the body. While its properties do not cure acne (and other skin conditions) on its own, you can relax knowing that Mother Earth is adding extra nourishment. If you're planning on getting that extra healing this weekend, be to wear sun protection, and exfoliate the skin (after swimming) with our Aloe & Green Tea Cleanser to remove salt residue, and maintain that summer glow.

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